The Bonpoint Special Occasions Collection '23

It is with a spirit of springtime joy that Bonpoint creates a children's collection every season dedicated to special occasions. Weddings, christenings, bucolic celebrations... there are so many opportunities to gather with family to enjoy the magical spring light.

In a house that opens onto a garden, children rush down the staircase leading to the front door. The air is filled with the laughter of little girls wearing long pastel dresses floating out from under their impeccable coats and little boys in rumpled lightweight suits.

In the park, Duchess dresses twirl during games of hide-and-seek and airy print dresses flutter in the breeze. On a white tablecloth, cakes and sweets create a stir of excitement, while a dog approaches before chasing after a horde of little girls who fly off like a white cloud. The silhouette of a bright red smocked dress runs from behind a tree. Little heads in straw hats are raised and embroidered tulle skirts swirl to the sounds of the orchestra.

They dance late into the evening, without ever getting tired, as their cheeks turn a rosy pink and flower crowns slip down their unraveled braids. Pearly, beaded accessories, chosen for this special occasion, evoke new emotions. Magical gradient effect tulle skirts shimme under the tables. And in the soft bluish light of the evening, a joyful tribe of children marvels at the starry sky with renewed excitement.